23/5/20 Update


Update on possible school return


To save parents the cost of buying new school uniform, the children will be able to wear their own clothes if they return to school at some point in June. This includes children of key workers and the Reception and Year 1 children whose parents have already requested a place in school when we re-open. Children will have to wear clean clothes everyday for health reasons.
Thank you 


22/5/20 Update 

School re-opening update

As it stands, we are still awaiting further guidance and updates from the Local Authority and the SAGE report.
We are currently planning to re-open for both Reception classes (Mrs Greaves and Mrs Roberts) on Monday 8th June 2020 (times to be confirmed- please contact the class teachers)
Both Year 1 classes (Miss Rutter and Miss Norris) will then both be in from Tuesday 9th June (times to be confirmed- please contact the class teachers)

This is different to the original rota system.
This is still subject to change depending on Local Authority guidance. As a community school, we are directed by the guidance that we receive from the LA.

The Government has requested to start a gradual opening of schools from 1/6/20. However, Wigan Local Authority have directed us not to open until at least 8/6/20.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Please contact the school office if you have any questions or queries.

20/5/20 Update 

Following further guidance from the LA, it has been decided that Reception and Year 1 pupils will now only return to school W/C 8th June at the earliest. School will still be open for key worker children. 

19/5/20 Update Local Authority update on possible re-opening of schools

The LA have received addition guidance and information from the Government, and from this, the LA have advised us that we may not be opening until at least the 8th June as the situation is still so fluid. There will be a final decision made tomorrow (Wednesday 20th May).


We understand that this is a slightly different message from last week, but we are continually being updated with advice and will only open the school when it is safe to do so.

Local Authority letter to parents.pdf


Dear parent/carers,

Please see the document below regarding our plans for re-opening on June 1st. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Parent information - School re-opening.pdf

Here are some useful links to some information from the Healthier Wigan Partnership on the CCG 'Here for you' campaign regarding COVID19.

COVID19 Advice for parents poster 6.0.pdf

HFY Full Health Support Full Colour Landscape Final.pdf


Free School Meals

As we are now open from Tuesday 14th April for NHS workers/Key Workers who have booked in,we will continue to be able to provide the free school meals to those children who qualify for the scheme. If you require a free school meal (to be collected from school every lunch time) please phone school before 9:30am each day.

Vouchers will not be issued as parents can collect a free school meal as per DFE advice. 


Please click on the link below to see our updated Safeguarding policy which is relevant to the recent COVID-19 school closures.

COVID 19 addendum to safeguarding policy.pdf


Home learning


For some extra home-learning resources, please visit https://www.thenational.academy/ where your child can access videos and online teaching resources aimed at their year group. 

Following recent Government guidelines regarding school closures, we are providing links to documents with suggested educational activities for children that run on a week by week basis.


Each weekly topic covers Maths, Reading, Spelling, Writing, and Foundation Subjects, and will direct you to appropriate websites to use for these activities. 

Early Years

Week-1-Learning-Project-EYFS (1).pdf

Week-2-Learning-Project-EYFS (1).pdf

Week-3-Learning-Project-EYFS (1).pdf

Week-4-Learning-Project-EYFS (1).pdf

Week-5-Learning-Project-EYFS (1).pdf

Week-6-Learning-Project-EYFS- (1).pdf

Week-7-Learning-Project-EYFS (1).pdf

Year 1 and 2

Week-1-Learning-Project-KS1 (1).docx.pdf

Week-2-Learning-Project-KS1 (1).docx.pdf

Week-3-Learning-project-KS1- (1).pdf

Week-4-Learning-Project-KS1 (1).pdf

Week-5-Learning-Project-KS1 (3).pdf

Week-6-Learning-Project-KS1 (1).pdf

Week-7_-Learning-Project-KS1 (1).pdf

Year 3 and 4








Year 5 and 6

Week-1-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (1).pdf

Week-2-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (1).pdf

Week-3-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (1).pdf

Week-4-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (1).pdf

Week-5-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (1).pdf

Week-6-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (1).pdf

Week-7-Learning-Project-Y5_6 (1).pdf



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